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Mire Taxidermy ,LLC

Specializing in waterfowl

Making hunting memories last a lifetime

Shipping Instructions

1. Go to Field Care/Storage Instructions and read on how to properly store your birds.

2. Completely fill out all the forms by clicking the link below and printing them. It is very important that all these forms be filled out correctly and accurately.

3. Make sure each bird is tagged separately with its own I.D. tag. You can click the tag link below, download and print or an index card can be used. The card should state the date, your name, street address, phone #, type of specimen, sex of specimen, date collected, location collected, hunter license # and your signature

4. Call us to notify us that you will be shipping your birds and to discuss mount charges and deposit payment. Ship only on Monday or Tuesdays to insure no weekend layover. Ship either UPS or FedX. Do Not Use USPS. Next day air is recommended in the summer months and for cooler months 2 day shipment is ok.

5. Remove bird from freezer (Do not remove from plastic bag unless you need to attach I.D. tags then return to bag) and insulate with 3-4 inches of newspaper. Purchase a cheap styrofoam cooler, and pack bird inside with more newspaper and tape shut. Fit cooler in a cardboard box, put paperwork and deposit in large manila envelope, tape it to top of cooler then tape cardboard box shut. The cardboard box should be labeled in one of the corners stating: As per US Fish & Wildlife Service(50CFR20.44): amount, species and sex of bird.

Example: As per US Fish & Wildlife Service(50CFR20.44): 1 Mallard drake, 2 Pintail hens.nd selecting the options from the toolbar.

5. Address box to:

Mire Taxidermy

27280 Crowley Eunice Hwy

Crowley, Louisiana 70526

6. We will contact you when we receive your birds and have looked over all paperwork and go over everything with you.